We’re looking for Investors!

As many of you know we recently had to close our physical store, La Perla Books, in Chapultepec. It was a very sad day but beyond our control and a necessary step we needed to take.

We have yet to find a new brick and mortar location, but we are looking! As an independent bookstore, selling physical hard copy books in a new digital world, you can imagine that we’re not making millions over here. So, what does this have to do with you folks?

We’re looking for either investors, donors, or a new partner to help us re-open in a new physical location, near to where we were as we think it’s probably the coolest place to be in the big city of Guadalajara. If you have a space that needs filling in your business already, maybe we could fill it with some of our bookshelves? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of opening a little café and what goes better with coffee or tea than a good book to read? Or is it just that you really believe in what we do and what Gerry started and just want to show your support by sending a few pesos our way?

Any of those things would help us greatly. We can’t currently afford to rent a space where we would like as rent is crazy, so we need your assistance.

We’re completely open to suggestions and new ideas (always!), and really just want to get our feet back on the ground and let people look, touch, and smell those books before they buy them! This online store has opened us up to new markets and especially in the pandemic, let us continue to send books to our loyal customers who maybe don’t want to be out and about too much. But at the end of the day, we are a bookstore, and a bookstore needs a physical home and place for its customers to visit.

We need you to help us return to our physical roots but also want to thank you for your continued support of our small-time venture into the world of bookselling.

If this plea has pulled at any heartstrings or inspired that business side of you to take action, please get in contact with us! Drop us a e-mail, find us on Facebook and send us a message, or if you know Gerry, ambush him with your brilliant ideas!