La Perla Bookstore

English Books Guadalajara has been open since August of 2013 and is located at La Perla Records, which sells new and used vinyl, cd’s, and turn tables.

We are an English-language bookstore with books available on a wide variety of subjects. All books are categorized and have a price penciled in on the first white page for easy browsing.

We have over 70 categories of books, including literature, poetry, science-fiction, fantasy, physics, astronomy, philosophy, anthropology, books about Mexico, feminism, books about teaching, children’s books, neurology, etc.! Currently, we have over 10,000 books in stock and as well as English books, the store also offers a selection of books in Spanish. It is safe to say that it is the finest used English language bookstore in Jalisco and possibly the entire Republic.

Over the last year we have learned what our customers desire and have been searching out those books, for example literature, poetry, science-fiction, philosophy, physics are particularly popular categories. Recently we received an order of over 1,000 books from a supplier in the US and this included many books on the previously mentioned categories.

la perla records

We acquire books from many sources and are always ready to buy clean and interesting used books. We are continuously putting new books on our shelves but whenever a customer asks for a book we do not have in stock, we refer them to ABE Books, an online book source that offers many millions of books from over ten thousand different dealers. We also use ABE Books as a pricing guide, using the medium to low range list of prices for our stock.

The management of La Perla Books has a working knowledge and appreciation for rare and collectible books so you will also find many first editions and collectible books on our shelves, in great condition. Currently, our most valuable first editions and other collectible books are stashed away, but in the near future we hope to come out with a catalogue listing those titles.

English Books Guadalajara is devoted to the idea that books are an unequaled way for human beings to share ideas and information. To book lovers, books give insight and pleasure that is immeasurable. That is why we are here and doing our best to offer a quality bookstore to our current and future customers and clients.